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The primary objectives of the Sustainable Africa Alliance is to advance climate-risk related analytics, education, outreach, and capacity-building across several Nigerian industries that are significantly vulnerable to impacts from climate change. To ignite collaboration and innovation, The Sustainable Africa Initiative is currently launching The $10,000 Climate Risk Research Challenge.

The $10,000 USD
Climate Risk Research Challenge

The initiative aims to encourage collaboration, enhance awareness of the potential climate-related risks in Nigeria, and create an open-source platform offering FREE access to physical and transition risk data, cloud-based infrastructure resources, analytical tools, and the training needed to gain a better understanding climate-related risks and develop possible mitigation strategies. 

To ignite collaboration and innovation, The Sustainable Africa Initiative is currently launching The $10,000 Climate Risk Research Challenge.The first of its king event in Nigeria, The $10,000 Climate Risk Research Challenge is open to a wide range of participants, including Nigerian Climate Scientists, University Students in Agriculture and Environmental Studies Programs, business owners, financial institutions, and NGOs. Participants will be provided with the necessary resources (data, models, cloud compute, storage, training and more) needed to conduct the research needed to gain a better understanding of the impacts of climate change on Nigeria with a focus on the agriculture sector.


Why open-source climate data matters to climate-related financial risk assessments

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