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We’re a non-profit (501c3) focused on funding and collaborating on data-driven climate-related research. The goal of our research is to help policy and decision makers identify the potential impact and magnitude of climate-related risks and to develop a better understanding of possible mitigation strategies.


We serve as an open-source and fully transparent partner, acting as a conduit for collaboration between donors, funding-sources, researchers, experts, and decision makers from organizations, non-profits, and government entities. We turn tax-deductible donations and government grants into climate-related Research Projects.

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We collect, align and make available to partners and researchers the data and tools needed, as well as the insights gained from collaboration between our team and researchers around the world. We believe that through open and transparent collaboration we may unlock the knowledge needed to answer the most complex climate-related questions facing our world.


We combine advanced technical analysis with effective advocacy in order to ensure that the data and insights from ground-breaking research is made available to help decision makers evaluate the potential future impact of climate policies and our changing global climate on communities, industries, economies, countries, societies and our world.


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Solve the Most Complex Climate-related Challenges


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